About Gloebit

What is Gloebit?

Do you remember the joy of going to an arcade? You purchased a handful of tokens from a machine and then you ran from machine to machine spending them a few at a time here and there.

Gloebit is just like that token machine. Instead of arcade machines, you can use our tokens with products across the internet. Your Gloebit account is your secure digital piggy bank, holding your tokens until you use them.

Gloebit is a digital currency web service. Gloebit is “globe” + “bit”. Gloebit is one world, one marketplace, one currency.

What are Gloebits?

Gloebits are the tokens in our system, the digital currency. Think of them like little digital coins.

You purchase gloebits from Gloebit. Then you can exchange them for goods or services within partner applications which have chosen to accept gloebits.

What’s great about gloebits?

Gloebit is on a mission to connect the world through a universal digital currency. Here are a few reasons why that’s great for you.

Trust and safety
Afraid to give your credit card details to that new game you want to try out? You don’t have to worry if they’re using Gloebit. We keep your payment information safe and you control their access to your Gloebit balance. They can never charge a payment method and you can revoke access to your gloebits with a click of your mouse.

Ease of use
When you use a partner application that accepts gloebits, you can link to your Gloebit account with two clicks. You immediately have access to your Gloebit balance within that application to use as you like. Don’t waste another minute searching for your wallet.

More payment options
By specializing as a service, we can focus on providing additional payment methods while our partners focus on bringing you better products.

All your information in one place
Ever have your credit card replaced and have to try to recall all the products in which you’ve saved it? ;If you’re using 20 of our partners’ applications, you only have to update that information at one location, ours. In addition, we store your transaction history and all the applications you’ve linked with your Gloebit account. Life is simpler this way.

Save money
We reduce the cost of transactions for our partners so that they can pass along those savings to you, their customer.

When an application or platform creates its own digital currency, any tokens you buy are restricted to use there. Not so with Gloebit. If you get bored with one application, use your gloebits somewhere else.

For details on the benefits of integrating Gloebit in your product, see the benefits page on our Gloebit developers site.

Sounds awesome! How do I use gloebits?

It’s simple.

  1. Sign up for a Gloebit account.
  2. Purchase some gloebits.
  3. Choose a partner application to try out.

When you use a partner application, you’ll be asked to link your Gloebit account to your account with that partner application. Authorize that link and you’ll be able to see your Gloebit balance and spend your gloebits from within that application.

What about products that aren’t partners consuming the Gloebit Service?

Hopefully they will eventually. It’s our goal to get everyone to accept gloebits.

You can help! Contact the products you use and ask them to integrate with Gloebit.

If you are a developer interested in integrating the Gloebit service in your product, please check out our Gloebit developer site.

Who created Gloebit?

Seth Alves
Chief Architect

Seth leads the architectural design and implementation of Gloebit.

He brings nearly 20 years experience in software engineering and systems administration to the team. Prior to Gloebit, Seth spent 7 years developing and administering cutting edge systems for Linden Lab’s Second Life Virtual World, most notably an OpenID authentication service providing access to millions of end-users, and the Second Life asset system, a high-traffic key/value store with 15 billion entries. Seth has also built email software for Ximian and Critical Path and provided IT consultant services to Silicon Graphics, SRI, and Charles Schwab.

Mr. Alves’ has used his extensive experience with large scale systems and his skills in system administration, web services, and application engineering to mold Gloebit’s vision into reality.

Christopher M. Colosi

Christopher leads the business, product and marketing side of Gloebit.

For over a decade, Mr. Colosi has been running companies, designing products and selling software. He combines these skills with the incredibly rare real-world experience of having set monetary policy to balance the growth and stability of an economy. Gloebits are not his first digital currency. During 4 years with Linden Lab, he managed the $500M+/yr economy and $100M+/yr currency exchange and acquired and managed a virtual goods marketplace for the Second Life Virtual World. He co-founded Windward Mark Interactive, a gaming and graphics studio which he helped build for nearly 5 years before negotiating its sale to Linden Lab. Christopher has a B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Christopher’s background and previous endeavors have provided him with the unique ability to envision and enact a successful and stable digital currency web service.

Many family, friends, advisors, investors and beta testers have been integral to Gloebit’s success. We’d especially like to thank Ronik for their amazing design work and WeWork for providing us with a community of like-minded and inspiring entrepreneurs.

How do I stay updated on Gloebit?


Check out the frequently asked questions page.
You can also contact us or email us directly at info@gloebit.com.